Electrical and mechanical auto parts
Original spare parts of
Fiat and Renault group
Worldwide shipments
lift-tek, mta,
osram, fiamm,
hoffer - meat & doria and fast
Electrical and mechanical auto parts

Automotive Parts

Mircar since 2001 is at the service of wholesalers and automotive parts dealers
around the world to provide high quality and best market prices

Electrical auto parts

Acoustic horns, air mass sensors, alternators, bulbs, cables kit, ecu IAW, electric fuel pumps, electric window lifts, glow plugs, ignition material, ignition coil, injection material, lamps, spark plugs, starters and their spare parts too, starting batteries and steering column switches

Mechanical auto parts

Air filters, bearing belt stretchers, brake pads, clutch kits, fuel filters, cabin air filters, LPG kit, EGR valve, fuel filters, oil filters, tensioner and belt kit, water pumps, windscreen wiper blades, wishbones.


Auto parts

A great range of auto parts among the best brands, original and aftermarket, in commerce

Three good reasons to choose Mir Car

Thanks to more than twenty years experience gained in the area of auto spare parts, Mir Car is able to offer a reliable and quick service. In our warehouse you can find different spare parts of many brands, just send us an enquiry or call us to know our products availability.
Quick service
Just call us or send us an e-mail to have all the information required.
Stefano Bontempi and his staff will answer you in a short time. We distribute our products neither to private people nor to workshops.
Our commercial department can speak English, French and German.
Further to an accurate and constant selection of different couriers, you have at your disposal reliable and qualified forwarders able to meet your requirements in terms of speed, reliability and cheapness

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