Mta Automotive

Oil Filler, Petrol and Automotive Radiator Caps

A range of caps for car axial and radial radiators with opening pressures between 0.5 and 1.4 bars.
The radial model is the most advanced product range; in fact the inner seal provides excellent tightness and stability to ensure optimal performance of the car cooling system. In addition to all these features, a locking system that does not require any external forces (inertial locking) allows the cap to be positioned correctly, thus avoiding any risk of stalling.

MTA Automotive Fuses

A complete range of all leading MTA automotive fuses, in special sizes and shapes that not only allow for greater functionality, but also ensure adequate protection of the car's electrical system, protecting it from short circuits and preventing collateral damage. MTA's constant research and development in the production of fuses has enabled the company, a leader in the automotive industry, to supply products and technology of the highest quality.
MTA fuses available: 
  • MiniVal®
  • UniVal®
  • MaxiCompact®
  • M8Compact®
  • MaxiVal®
  • MidiVal®
  • MegaCompact®
  • MegaVal®
  • PowerVal®

Frames and Modular Systems

The MTA product range has been designed to meet specific needs that sometimes standard modules fail to meet, through suitable modular solutions that are extremely flexible and easy to use. MTA modular systems are designed to provide the best solution for holding relays, diodes and fuses. All systems are equipped with version 1,2,3,4, and 5-way frames and related locking systems. The range also includes suitable stainless steel solutions with IP67 protection.

Waterproof Solutions

MTA modular systems and components for use on vehicles operating in close contact with fluids and liquids such as water and mud in particular. These solutions, in addition to providing perfect waterproofing, ensure the right degree of protection and optimal operating conditions at all times. A lid featuring a silicone gasket closure further increases the efficiency of the components.    

Modular Automotive Control Units

Power distribution units for cars, trucks and buses
A high-performance electronic control unit (ECU) consisting of modular systems that can be used in cars as well as in tractors and buses. In addition to resisting high temperatures, the ECU panel is equipped with a waterproofing system that protects its internal components from any possible infiltration of liquids and impurities.


MTA Terminals and Connectors

A wide range of terminals and connectors in many different versions (including faston and eyelet), available in a variety of models, thicknesses and shapes (more than 100 models). High quality materials and finishes allow the entire range of MTA terminals and connectors to be used and applied in a wide range of automotive sectors.

Automotive MTA terminals and connectors

  • Standard Ring
  • Square
  • CBA
  • Nut Type
  • M630
  • Special
  • F480E
  • F630
  • And many more